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Big Big Sounds - a five-song EP by The Late Joys, Austin, TX; featuring Robi Polgar, Patrick Lopez, Matt Patterson

👉 March 25: The Late Joys Big Big Sounds CD Release Party,
Carousel Lounge
, 9pm – lord only knows


Purveyors of Infectious Brit-Pop from Austin, Texas

With influences that include The Beatles, The Kinks, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, The Jam, The Clash and loads of ’80s and ’90s Brit-pop guitar-based groups, the Late Joys put on a high-octane show that’s groovy, melodic and infused with fun.

The Late Joys are one of Robi Polgar’s (many) ongoing creative projects.
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What’s Coming Up Next?

CD Release party

👉 March 25: The Late Joys Big Big Sounds CD Release Party, Carousel Lounge, 9pm – lord only knows

Blasts from the Pasts

The Late Joys' January special project: A night of music by UK's The Jam at the Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas 1/28

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A Night of Songs by the Best Band Ever to Come Out of the UK*

Austin Brit-Pop trio The Late Joys perform (incognito) as A BAND CALLED MALICE — a night of songs by The Jam. Carousel Lounge, Sat. Jan. 28 9pm-1am. No cover.

Three sets of high-octane (and some surprise slow-burn) numbers, including an airing of the album "Setting Sons," should get your energy boosted! We'll run through the Jam gamut: songs from every album, songs familiar and definitely not! Plus a special guest or two to help us out. Carnaby Street Couture Encouraged!

*Yeah, okay, maybe there was that one other collection of Scousers...

The Bootleggers; Austin, TX
The Bootleggers live at the Carousel Lounge Saturday, April 9, Austin, TX; photo by Tracy McC

The Bootleggers at the Carousel Lounge, April 2022

A handful of friends and fans old and new joined The Bootleggers at the Carousel Lounge, Saturday, April 9 for a one-night-only musical reunion of Austin’s favorite psychedelic-alt-country-hillbilly-Americana-roots-rock-n-roll act, an evening that included excerpts from the band’s (forthcoming) eponymous tell-all.

The Late Joys Give The Beatles’ Revolver a Spin

The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver might be the band’s most important record, a groundbreaking, trailblazing, cliché-busting 35 minutes of musical magic. Austin Brit-Pop rockers The Late Joys performed Revolver in its entirety in “Re:Revolver2020,” live at the iconic Carousel Lounge on January 25.

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A Right Ol’ Knees Up

The Road to Wigan Pier Revisited 1/26/19

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The Late Joys: A Short History

The Late Joys specialize in music that is upbeat and danceable, featuring original tunes penned by guitarist/frontman Robi Polgar and a slew of energetic covers, mainly from the UK circa 1960 to the post-punk revolution, and beyond. The rhythm section is driven by drummer Matt Patterson and bassist Patrick Lopez.

The Late Joys perform mostly in Austin, and have seen the demise of most of the clubs who’s stages they’ve graced (through no fault of their own), including Texas Mist, Momo’s, Jovita’s, The Saxon Pub, The Butterfly Bar, The Carousel Lounge, The Parlor, The Dirty Dog Bar, cafes, elementary schools, friends’ living rooms and backyards, as well as Eeyore’s Birthday and the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) festivals. At more intimate venues, the band performs “unplugged,” where a premium is placed on the intricacies of the material as well as the band’s rapport with the audience.

The Late Joys began life as the house band in Robi’s play about working-class Wigan, England circa 1930 (based on George Orwell’s book, “The Road To Wigan Pier”). The play’s themes of history, social upheaval, community, working-class redemption and the never-ending struggle against moneyed interests and the political elite dovetailed with the band’s mix of ’60s British Invasion guitar jangle and creative well-spring that recall Britain’s late ’70s and early ’80s post-punk lyrics and sonic force. The result is a smart, energetic and entertaining act that’ll get your groove on whether you like to GoGo or Pogo.

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Contact The Late Joys

Whether you just want to say hi or are interested in booking the band to play your next fete, here’s how to get in touch with The Late Joys: Email (Mr. P).


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