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Why Art? (a wee manifesto)

Hi, I’m Robi — musician, writer, director and unrepentant football (soccer!) junkie, living and creating in Glastonbury, Connecticut, (formerly a long-time citizen of Austin, Texas).

I believe in the power of art as a force for good, and I am compelled to share what I make with others. I just can’t help it/you lucky bastards!

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Art knits communities together

In these fractious times, artists — through our stories, songs and imaginations — will help keep us together, fostering community, entertaining the punters and offering a life-affirming, inclusive space in defiance of those who seek to divide us. Yes, Margaret, there is such a thing as society.

When art works — when it affects you — it draws you in and encourages you to open yourself to the new, the different, the unexpected. The best art leaves you exhilarated, buoyed by the feeling that anything is possible. Sometimes it’s a little dangerous, occasionally it takes a little effort (make the effort!); no matter what, art should be fun — for artist and audience alike.

So write a song and sing it for your friends. Put on a play and perform it for strangers in dark halls or on the street. Cook dinner and invite your neighbors to the feast. Whatever it is, gather together and share the experience.

Maybe one day soon I’ll see you at something I’ve made. I’m looking forward to getting together with you!


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What Has Mr. P Been Up to Lately?

Major projects seem to appear every couple of years. Below, you can read about some of my artistic escapades, with links to deeper dives describing the wheres, whys and hows, who I collaborated with and more.

For the full range of sonic past projects, check out my music page.

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Big Big Sounds - a five-song EP by The Late Joys, Austin, TX; featuring Robi Polgar, Patrick Lopez, Matt Patterson

👉 Listen & download Big Big Sounds by The Late Joys

More past projects: Novels, Live Shows, Music...

Slick's Adventures in Lightbulb Land, by Robi Polgar Death Is a Laff Riot, a Paul Stark football noir by Robi Polgar The Road to Wigan Pier Revisited 1/26/19

Slick’s Adventures in Lightbulb Land
A Novel

Death Is a Laff Riot:
A football noir

A Novel

Return to Wigan Pier:
A Right Ol’ Knees-Up

Theatre & Live Music

Thug Nation: Songs
from the Resistance


A whip-smart, smartass advertising creative with an uncontrollable imagination embarks on a series of hilarious misadventures that strain his relationships with friends and lovers, ultimately forcing him to confront an existential question.

...about Lightbulb Land

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American goalkeeper Paul Stark joins a historically, hilariously inept Yorkshire football team and must solve his predecessor’s brutal murder to save the club
— and himself in this football noir, the first in a series of soccer murder-mystery novels.

...about the Laff Riots

👉 BUY the book

On the 15th anniversary of The Road to Wigan Pier: A (Socialist) Tea-Time Travelogue & Historical Musical Revue, a one-night-only knees-up was in order. Songs, scenes, raffle, tea lady — that film — dredged up from the dark, carbonous depths.

👉 VISIT Wigan Pier

Protest songs in the key of resist, plus a couple of love ballads, because you gotta take the crunchy with the...uh... crunchier. Give it a listen before racist vengeance-fueled twitter-grifters throw the lot of us in the slammer!

...and learn more about
the [ samizdat ] project

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