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Words, Words, Words... some damnéd Dane once put it. Welcome to Mr. P’s world of prose and, perhaps, a little poetry. Novels and plays first; below that, a sampling of blog posts that might warrant a read.

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Slick's Adventures in Lightbulb Land, by Robi Polgar Death Is a Laff Riot, a Paul Stark football noir by Robi Polgar

Slick’s Adventures in Lightbulb Land

Death Is a Laff Riot:
A Paul Stark football noir

A whip-smart, smartass advertising creative with an uncontrollable imagination embarks on a series of hilarious misadventures that strain his relationships with friends and lovers, ultimately forcing him to confront an existential question.

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American goalkeeper Paul Stark (aka “the Yank”) joins a historically, hilariously inept Yorkshire football team and must solve his predecessor’s brutal murder to save the club — and himself — in this football noir, the first in a series of soccer murder-mystery novels.

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Risk, or What Nature Doesn't Do to Us, a Mother Earth vengeance play by Robi Polgar The Tree Play, by Robi Polgar The Road to Wigan Pier: A (Socialist) Tea-Time Travelogue & Historical Musical Revue, by Robi Polgar

or What Nature Doesn’t Do to Us

The Tree Play

The Road to Wigan Pier: A (Socialist) Tea-Time Travelogue & Historical Musical Revue

Four characters (and a polar bear) navigate the impending tragedy of climate change, and confront their newly discovered, intertwined romantic histories.

A girl grows up in the rainforest and befriends a tree in this original agitprop folk tale for the theatre, provoked by the deforestation of the Amazon.

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Inspired by Orwell’s reportage, this right ol’ knees-up featured song, dance, history, football, — that film — and more, dredged up from the carbonous depths.

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Other Writings

In addition to the Big Writing above, here is a handful of highlights from the Robbledegook blog. You can give these a read while the next Big Writing gets written!

👉 A Recipe for Matzoh Ball Soup

👉 Occupy Austin, Thursday, October 6, 2011

👉 How Dick Cheney Had Nothing to Do with Egypt’s Revolution

👉 The Wedding Strummer

👉 Memories of the Fall of the World Trade Center

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