The Road to Wigan Pier


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This performance is dedicated to fallen comrades and beloved members of the original 7th Street Working Men’s Club —
Master of the Light David Nancarrow*
Maestro of the Sound Jimy Gunn**
— so it better be half-bloody decent! Rest in peace, gentlemen. We miss you both.

Return to Wigan Pier: A Right Ol’ Knees-Up

January 26, 2019 — Carousel Lounge (aka the 52nd Street Working Men’s Club)


Like any good working men’s club, the audience is encouraged to sing along with the house band. If you know the words to the songs, sing along. If you don’t know the words, click the link below and find the lyrics to these diamonds in the rough! Then sing along!

👉 Click here to “Sing-Along-a-Wigan-Pier!”

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The Players & Staff

The Miners: Messrs. William Douglas, Jeffrey Mills, Nathan Porteshawver, Blake Robbins

George Orwell: Ms. Katherine Catmull

Margaret (spit!) Thatcher: Mr. Paul Norton (in absentia)

The Late Joys: Messrs. Patrick Lopez, Matt Patterson, Kelly J. Rath, Robi Polgar

The “Early Joys”: Messrs. David Jones, Gordon Gunn, Steve Hopkins, Matt Patterson, Robi Polgar

Tea Lady: Anne Hulsman

Board Operator: Ashton Murphy

Visual Media Maestro: Lowell Bartholomee

“The Gaffer”: Mr. P (who acknowledges the blame is entirely his own)

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Without Whom...

Special thanks to: Lowell; Nicki Mebane and everyone at the Carousel Lounge; Ken Webster, Kathy Catmull, Tammy Whitehead and the gloriously working men’s club-like Hyde Park Theatre; John Aielli, Jack Anderson and KUTX; Alec Nicholls, Pam Friday, "Clutch"; Tom Johnson and Alta Vista Recording; Joe Carpenter and the Mary Moody Northen Theatre; and, as ever, ’shel, ari, kait & didi (who wasn’t even a glint in the milkman’s eye when this thing first trod the boards).

Our brilliant benefactors...

The generous contributions of these fine folk helped keep our lot off the streets, at least for a little while:

  • Bryan Simmons & Tracy McCracken
  • Vicki & Doug Parker
  • “Patron of the Arts” Shane Lewis
  • Mum & Da’ Polgar
  • José & Vicki & Ian Camarena
  • Mark & Christie WIlson
  • Phil & Angie Schafer

Thank you!

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Please Take Our Short Survey

What do you think of it so far? Oh, you already know that one! No matter, we’d still love to hear what you thought of this little excursion to Wigan Pier. Please answer these three short questions so we can figure out what worked, what needs work and if you’d be willing to come to something like this again. Thank you!

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Some (Other) Music for You

Gosh, I liked some of those songs you played in the “sound check,” where can I find them?

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The Road to Wigan Pier: miners o' Wigan

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