The Study Session

The Study Session features Austin-based guitarist-singer-songwriters Robi Polgar and Kelly Rath, who perform an acoustic show melodic, energetic, witty and dramatic, featuring deft guitar interplay, sweet/haunting harmonies and a fearless tilling of the landscape of love, loss and the vagaries and vanities of modern life.

The Study Session put out samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation, Songs from the Resistance, a six-song (seven if you buy the CD...) EP/screed in defiance of the T***p regime’s crackdown on dissent, constitutional freedoms and truth itself.

--> Read more about the [ samizdat ] project here.

She Doesn’t Care About You

Here’s the first song we committed to learning together. Mr. P had recently penned it, Kelly was up for learning it, and an act was born. We recorded it in one of our studies — hence the band moniker (click the song title on the player below to read the liner notes on the Soundcloud page).

Kelly and Robi at in.gredients for the grocer's grand opening fete, Aug. 3, 2012.

Look closely and you’ll see younger Kelly staring at older Kelly (full of attitude, man!) from the top right of that photo.

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