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The Tree Play is an agitprop folk tale for the theatre that explores the relationship between man and nature and poses questions about survival, environmental activism and what it means to fall in love.

The Tree Play premiered August 6 - August 8, 2015
at the Ground Floor Theatre in Austin, Texas

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Inspired by real events, The Tree Play tells the story of a young girl who befriends a tree in the Amazon rainforest. Their unique bond leads the girl on a life-long quest to protect the world's forests, while awakening a new consciousness in the tree.

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Dig the Beat of Robi's Website

Hullo, and welcome! Here, you'll find Mr. P's music, musings and more -- and/or links to all that nifty stuff. Interested in seeing a live performance? To the left is the list of upcoming gigs. Or read the details about the open mic hosted by Mr. P in sunny south Austin (below). And please sign up on the mailing list. Who knows; you might receive a nice little e-post in the not-too-distant future.

Robi Polgar :: at the Dirty Dog Bar

Robi Polgar (that would be me) has been strumming guitars and writing songs for, god, wait for it: decades. He's performed in pubs, clubs, on the street, under the street (down in the tube station at midnight, shall we say?) and, in recent years, all around Austin, where he makes his home.

When not performing solo, he can be heard fronting his Brit-Pop outfit The Late Joys or in the acoustic duet The Study Session (site still under construction...).

Sounds Like...

Robi's musical stylings owe a lot to a relatively obscure yet overworked quartet from the northwest of England who performed eight days a week, as well as more recent musical heroes, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller, Squeeze, Pretenders and a bevvy of political agitators (The Clash, X, Billy Bragg, Phil Ochs) who used guitars instead of machine guns to make their case for social justice, liberty, equality and, yes, he dares utter it, love.

Robi Polgar :: recording session 2006

Robi Performs Friday Happy Hours at the Butterfly Bar

Join me (almost) every Friday from 6pm for the outstanding Butterfly Bar Happy Hour where I get to strum and warble, often in the good company of my friends from The Late Joys and The Study Session.

Robi Polgar :: the boy about town that you've heard of?



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